The potential to succeed springs from people themselves

We help people to see themselves, each other and their work in new ways.

Coaching based on creative methods.

For managers

Interpersonal Management

People management relies on interpersonal skills

We use theatre to rehearse management situations in order to improve interpersonal skills. You will learn situational sensitivity and improve your listening and mindfulness abilities. The method will allow you to practice and act out difficult situations.

Management involves the ability to be in the limelight and put your reputation on the line. The experts at TheatreWorks are highly experienced in performing and in performance coaching. Performance and presentational skills coaching provides you with tools for boosting the impact of a sales pitch, a speech or a presentation. You will have the chance to try out public appearance situations and will receive feedback from our trainers. Performance coaching will increase your self-confidence in meeting people and taking part in public appearances.


Topics of coaching:

  • Change management
  • Impactful leadership
  • Emotions management
  • Best leadership practices
  • Demanding situations and organisational crises
  • Management/employee discussions

For public speakers

Performance and Presentational Skills

Voice coaching

Has it ever occurred to you that you may only be utilising a fraction of the potential your voice offers? This training allows you to make your oral presentations more powerful and to develop all aspects of your voice and how you use it. We provide you with plenty of methods for looking after your voice in preparation for future challenges, and we encourage you to develop your oral expression for use at work or in other situations.

Performance and presentation skills training

Our participants get to try out a wide variety of things in practice and receive plenty of feedback. The objective is to inject elements from the feedback into their own performances in order to start reconstructing them. The method can also be used in one-on-one coaching.

The following themes are used in assessing performances:

  • Openness
  • Living in the moment
  • Listening
  • Presence
  • Courage to plunge into “the deep end”


Becoming a more entertaining speaker

You stand there with a microphone in your hand and are expected to impress an audience in a short space of time. Sound familiar? This workshop covers writing and performing stand-up comedy for the purpose of providing participants with ways of enhancing the impact of their sales pitches, speeches or presentations. Participants get to try out the things they have learned in a secure environment. The training will increase your self-confidence in meeting people and taking part in public appearances.

The workshop is headed up by stand-up comedians Riku Suokas and Tomi Walamies.


For teams

Improving Teamwork Through Theatre

Theatrical methods can bring a boost to teamwork. Our actors and coaches run group exercises that strengthen teams and team spirit in order to build a sense of community and to create a constructive workplace.

Creative brainstorming

Creative brainstorming is a workshop concept in which groups are primed to produce a creative state that gives rise to free ideation. Depending on the case, the workshop may use either theatrical methods or a facilitator. Creative brainstorming is particularly suitable for situations requiring wild, free-flowing ideas.


This is a workshop tailored to the needs of an individual team. It involves drama exercises and discussion of some of the challenges of team dynamics, in order to find out how to generate constructive interaction in the workplace. The workshop is based on functional exercises arising from the world of theatre, which helps colleagues to get to know one another better.

For times of change

Change Management and Change Coaching

We train professionals and organisations in managing changes

In workplace theatre, dramas are tailored to mirror some of the changes that a company or team is undergoing. The challenges involved are woven into the story and its imaginary workplace. The performances allow participants to process the changes, as well as some of the issues that are causing them concern, and triggering emotional reactions. Suitable for small and large groups alike.

Workplace theatre

The Many Opportunities of Workplace Theatre

Workplace theatre refers to performing prepared tailored dramas in which familiar personnel, leadership and corporate situations are dealt with through fictional events and characters. A series of scenes draws attention to the difficult situations faced in the fictional workplace, making them easier to discuss later. The processed themes may include development of leadership, customer service, workplace culture or the well being of personnel.

Performing is thought-provoking and generates dialogue

  • Performance-oriented coaching conducted by a theatre group
  • Human awareness included in coaching

We can also provide lighter programming for events, including drama work sessions or performers for team-building days.

Case studies

Impactful leadership

“We wanted our management training to end with a relevant but entertaining summary of what constitutes impactful leadership. We agreed on the management situations to be covered in advance with TheatreWorks. The idea was to start by acting out situations showing poor management and then to improve the manager’s actions through ideas from the audience. Although there were nearly 100 participants, including managers at very different stages of their careers, their participation succeeded beyond our expectations. The highly professional actors were really able to engage the participants, and the manager on stage received plenty of ideas for improving his or her performance. Eventually each situation was managed very well.

All in all, the event was very successful and, besides being highly entertaining, the workshop gave an excellent and highly memorable summary of the things that had been learnt during the one-year management course.”


About us

TheatreWorks is a training company established in 2012, with training and coaching methods that are based on drama teaching, theatrical methods, acting competence and the instructors’ solid experience of workplace development.

The company’s operations draw from long-term coaching expertise and highly skilled professional actors.

On stage

Satu-Mari Jansson

Satu-Mari has worked for a decade in the field of workplace and organisational development and training at both the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. Since 2008 she has tailored custom solutions for companies based on art and applied theatre, and she works closely with the University of the Arts Helsinki in relation to the applied use of art in the development of creative leadership, among other things.

Satu-Mari is a workplace coach whose drama workshops mostly cover management, change leadership and service development. Satu-Mari is currently working on a PhD thesis on the use of theatrical methods in training.


Riku Suokas

Riku Suokas has been involved in the management of the Hämeenlinna Theatre, the Helsinki City Theatre and the Tampere Workers’ Theatre for 15 years. For five years, he was the Managing Director of Tampereen Työväen Teatteri Oy and TTT-Palvelut Oy, the companies that run the Tampere Workers’ Theatre.

Combined with his professional acting education, his work in an IT start-up business and several years of stand-up gigs, this management experience provides Riku with unique views on writing and presenting sales pitches and speeches.

Riku has written and adapted several plays and musicals, perhaps the most famous being Vuonna 85, which has been turned into a stage musical and a film. Riku’s greatest passion is stand-up comedy, which he has been involved since 1993.


Pinja Hahtola

Pinja Hahtola is an actress, drama teacher and the mother of two school-aged daughters. She has acted in many groups, mostly as a freelancer. She graduated as a Master of Theatre and Drama from the Faculty of Theatre Pedagogy at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 2008.

Workplace Theatre Team

Anu Koskinen, Eero Enqvist, Pinja Hahtola, Eero Järvinen and Satu-Mari Jansson


Own publications (in Finnish)

Publication on the use of art in workplace development, edited by Satu-Mari Jansson. An article on developing change management through theatrical methods can be found on page 37.

Teatteri kaupallisena liiketoimintana: Teatterin liiketoiminnan ja oheispalveluiden kehittämismahdollisuuksia


Publication on management edited by Satu-Mari Jansson (née Korhonen) from 2012:

Näkökulma tasa-arvoon ja johtajuuteen


Publication on the use of artistic methods in workplace development, edited by Satu-Mari Jansson (née Korhonen), from 2012:

Uutta osaamista luomassa. Työelämän kehittäminen taiteen keinoin


Article on the use of artistic methods written by Satu-Mari Jansson (née Korhonen), from 2011:

DRAAMAN PUUTETTA. Taidetekijät liiketoiminnan kentällä



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Contact us

Satu-Mari Jansson, Managing Director
+358 40 596 1678


Contact us:

Satu-Mari Jansson
+358 40 596 1678